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You Have Failed This City – Arrow Pin

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‘Arrow’ inspired ‘You Have Failed This City’ hard enamel pin. Roughly 3.4cm by 1.8cm (1.3in by 0.3in). This is an original design, there is nothing like it!  Perfect for every Arrow fan!

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‘Arrow’ is an American superhero television series that acts as a modern retelling of the Green Arrow, a DC character featured in many comic books and graphic novels. This show also served as the gateway to what the fans refer to as the ‘Arrowverse’ (also known as the CW Multiverse or CWverse) which is a television franchise that also currently includes Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow to name a few.

Spoiled billionaire playboy Oliver Queen is missing and presumed dead after a storm shipwrecks the boat he was on. However, it turns out that he never died… Instead he managed to find his way onto a mysterious, uncharted island in the North China Sea. For five years, he was stranded in this cruel purgatory surrounded by unknown evils. When he returns home, his family and friends find that the person they lost isn’t the one the got back. He’s a changed man, much more than they realise. Oliver returned home with a mission to rid his city of the crime and corruption that his family has ignored for years, sheltered by their wealth. Armed with a bow and a quiver full of arrows, his weapon of choice, he becomes a secret vigilante with the help of former soldier John Diggle and skilled hacker and I.T. expert Felicity Smoak. Will the war on crime that Oliver started make a difference? What happens when Oliver’s past, the five years on the island, chases him down?

You Have Failed This City

‘You have failed this city’ is a reoccurring phrase used mainly by Oliver Queen throughout the entirety of the show. In his hooded archer persona, he uses it to confront evildoers and call them out for their actions and the results they’ve had in in the city. With Oliver’s hooded silhouette and this iconic quote written in green on a dark silver arrowhead, we could think of nothing better to celebrate this character and the show as a whole!


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