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Lost Princess – Tangled Pin

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Tangled inspired ‘Lost Princess’ hard enamel pin. Roughly 3cm by 2.8cm (1.18in by 1.10in). This is an original design, there is nothing like it!  Perfect for every Rapunzel fan!

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‘Tangled’ is the 2010 animated Disney film loosely based on ‘Rapunzel’, a fairy-tale by the Grimm Brothers. The story follows Rapunzel, a long-lost princess with magic hair who has lived in confines of a secluded tower at the wish of her stepmother, the overbearing Mother Gothel. When a handsome intruder by the name of Flynn Rider produces an opportunity for Rapunzel to explore the outside world for the very first time, she grabs the chance to find out who she really is. Can she find the answers to the things she’s been questioning for her entire life? Will she enjoy the many experiences this brand-new world has to offer or is it safer to stay in the tower that has been her home since a baby?

Lost Princess

During her adventures of the kingdom alongside Flynn Rider, he bought Rapunzel a beautiful flag with the kingdom’s crest, a bright yellow sun. After being forced to return to her tower by Mother Gothel, Rapunzel stares at this flag to remind her of the fun she had experiencing the kingdom with Flynn. However, she makes a realisation… the sun, this crest, is very familiar. She looks up to the paintings she has covered her ceiling with a suddenly sees this exact sun disguised everywhere in her art. Rapunzel has flashes of a mural she’d seen as she was exploring of the King and Queen holding their baby princess, a little girl who was stolen from the castle years ago and a moment from a few days prior when she decided to try a crown that she discovered in Flynn’s satchel, a crown that was the result of theft he had made from the Royal Family. In this very moment, some fuzzy memories she had from when she was only a baby become clear and she realises that she is the daughter of the King and Queen, the lost princess.

Inspired by her golden, bejewelled crown, and the colours of her iconic dress, this pin is the perfect gift for any and all fans of Disney’s ‘Tangled’ and ‘Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure’!


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