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Never Tell Me The Odds – Star Wars Mini Pin

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‘Star Wars’ inspired ‘Never Tell Me The Odds’ hard enamel pin. Roughly 3.4cm by 1.8cm (1.3in by 0.3in) which is brilliant for filling in those little gaps on your pin board or jacket. This is an original design, there is nothing like it!  Perfect for every Star Wars fan!

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Star Wars

‘Star Wars’ is a science fiction, space multi-media franchise created by George Lucas. It began with a single film in 1977 and very quickly became a pop culture sensation expanding into many consecutive films and various other media which in total make this one of the most successful and recognised franchises in history. Star Wars also became a sub-franchise of the one and only Disney when ‘The Walt Disney Company’ bought the franchise from George Lucas in 2012.

The stories follow a variety of characters (and creatures) on their adventures across the galaxy. They live in a universe where humans, robots, droids and all sorts of aliens co-exist, sometimes not so happily. These films each contain a well-executed story in which the main theme revolves around the fight between good and evil. The population is divided between two knightly orders, the noble, peacekeeping Jedi and the ominous, manipulative Sith. A mystical power referred to as ‘The Force’ is a type of energy field that through training and meditation produces various superpowers such as telekinesis, telepathy, precognition, manipulation of physical energy and lots more. The Force is able to be in different ways so it’s used by both orders, the Jedi using the light side of The Force and the Sith using the Dark side. This fight between good and evil is on and heroes must arise to save this galaxy far, far away.

Never Tell Me The Odds

‘Never tell me the odds’ is one of the many memorable quotes from the Star Wars films. When faced with a lethal asteroid field, Han Solo, the space buccaneer who becomes an accidental hero, must navigate the Millennium Falcon and all its passengers safely through. One of the characters on board in this scene is an intelligent droid named C-3PO who informs Han Solo of the devastating odds of survival, 3,720 to 1, to which he responds “never tell me the odds!” This iconic quote is captured and accompanied by the Millennium Falcon on this pin which is absolutely essential for all Star Wars fans!


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